Experimentation for Cruise:  Why & How To Create A Superior Booking Experience

Date:  August XX, 2022, Xpm EST


  • Jessica Dewing, Sr. Manager, Digital Optimization, Marketing E-commerce, Carnival Cruise Lines 
  • Sandy Haberman, ex-Sojern & Cruise Critic
  • Michael Zdepski, UX Director, Chartis
  • John Peebles, Head of Growth, Chartis
  • Kolja Oswald, Phd, Account Executive, Optimizely

More and more cruisers are booking their cruises online, and the competition to acquire new customers is fierce.  To increase the ROI of their marketing investments, cruise lines 

In this webinar you will see:

  • The data behind a cruise booking journey: from dreaming to planning to booking
  • How a top cruise industry expert creates experiments that increase bookings
  • Provocative concepts of how cruise booking can evolve to capture more demand

This interdisciplinary webinar will be interesting to cruise industry leaders in:

  • Marketing 
  • CRM
  • E-commerce operations
  • IT functions that support marketing

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