Optimizely offers a suite of digital solutions – from content management to A/B testing to a customer data platform. Depending on your objectives, you can use their full stack or a best-of-breed point solution.

Optimizely can help you:

  • Inspire innovation. Run better experiments across both front-end layouts and back-end logic, with easy-to-use, tailored recommendations. 
  • Increase agility. Get real-time answers to accelerate collaboration and create a more responsive customer experience. 
  • Improve outcomes.  Measure outcomes of different options, allowing you to orchestrate unique digital experiences for each customer at scale.
Chartis can help you:
  • Develop a marketing technology strategy to reach your goals
  • Evaluate and select the tools you need to execute
  • Implement your strategy
  • Provide the ongoing operational support to deliver on your goals