Google Optimize will be sunsetting soon!

Streamline Your Testing Platform Migration With Chartis


The time for Google Optimize is coming to an end. Don't let your data, audiences, and experiments leave with it. With Chartis, you can ensure that your platform migration is seamless and that you don't miss a beat. 

Save your data and streamline your platform migration with Chartis. We have decades worth of experience with testing platforms and conversion rate optimization to help you:

  • Integrate with a new platform before the sunsetting of Google Optimize 
  • Move existing Tag Manager rules for Google Optimize to support new platform
  • Migrate audiences, pipe in dataLayer data, and configure within the new platform
  • Transition existing full-scaled experiments and ensure no down-time
  • Export and integrate historical Google Optimize data and Google Analytics

Make the Switch with Chartis and Optimizely

Optimizely’s powerful digital experimentation platform helps marketers unleash their digital potential with valuable insights and tools to make data-driven decisions. That’s why Google chose Optimizely as a preferred web experimentation replacement for Google Optimize.

Together, Chartis and Optimizely are teaming up to help marketers make the switch from Google Optimize completely seamless. 

We’ll help you get started with Optimizely’s user-friendly platform, set up experimentation platforms, add event tracking, integrate Google Analytics, and more. When you partner with Chartis and Optimizely, you’ll get: 

  • Event tracking with built-in Google Analytics integration 
  • Best-in-class training documentation and dedicated support specialists 
  • Advanced features and capabilities such as in-app testing, unlimited concurrent experiences, ability to pause or modify experiences without resetting data
  • And more!