We help brands build digital strategies that are enabled through innovative approaches to technology & data. Our strategy capabilities drive business performance and impact at scale.
  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy & Roadmap
  • Journey Mapping & Use Case Development
  • Data Activation & Governance Frameworks
  • Data2Delta Pilot Strategy

Focus Area

Enterprise Data Strategy

Development of scenarios and data/platform mapping for cross-channel data activation.

Measurement Strategy

Brand level measurement and reporting strategy focused on establishing standardized KPIs and reporting for performance across web/app, digital marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

Marketing Strategy & Roadmap

Development of data-driven marketing strategy and roadmaps to drive impact through digital marketing channels.

Journey Mapping & Use Case Development

Development of use cases, data capture and martech solutions required to enable and activate experiences across defined customer journeys.

Data Activation & Governance Frameworks

Establishing data storage and activation governance frameworks that comply with required regulations (GDPR, CCPA etc.).

Data2Delta Pilot Strategy

Our unique approach of creating and identifying opportunities from data insights, and developing detailed pilot definitions aimed at activating 1st and 3rd party data to drive incremental revenue.

Strategy Case Study

Full-Service Marketing Execution
Not Available Now
W.L. Gore is a global manufacturing company with $4 billion in annual revenue that specializes in providing innovative products solutions. Gore has more than 11,000 employees, with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and China, and sales offices around the world.
The Challenge

With a strong mandate to improve the organization’s digital experiences, reporting and marketing effectiveness, Gore needed a partner to help build out a holistic strategy focused across, data, analytics and measurement in an effort to become an Insights-Driven Organization (IDO). Gore has partnered with Chartis for 4+ years across this journey, to deliver programs and solutions that are focused on gaining a deeper understanding of their customers (e.g. engagement) and how marketing channels drive performance (e.g. lead generation).

The Solution

Chartis first engaged Gore by assessing and auditing the accuracy of their data capture & performance metrics across platforms (media, analytics, CRM, etc.) and implemented foundational changes to build back trust in their data. Once a firm foundation was in place, Chartis defined and implemented reporting frameworks for the business to allow for accurate performance measurement across all of their marketing channel activities (8 markets), to better inform and improve future-state marketing tactics and spend. We have seen a 32% increase in lead volume.

Chartis now supports ABM, SEO, SEM, Performance Reporting, Analytics, Compliance, Insights, and more.