HBO Max wins “Best Experimentation Practice” for 2021

 HBO Max Is Here to Take On Netflix. Is It Too Late

— New York Times, May 26, 2020

    HBO Max wins Best Experimentation Practice

— Optimizely, January 18th, 2022


What HBO Max has accomplished in less than 2 years is remarkable.

What many may not realize is that in addition to a myriad of other challenges, HBO has had to rapidly evolve its business model and learn how to drive growth by selling directly to consumers through digital channels.

Plenty of companies die trying.

Award-Badge-Best-Experimentation-Practice_NA Instead, HBO Max has thrived and continues to build on the success of their digital transformation strategy.   For 2021, HBO Max reports a double-digit increase in the rate of conversion on their way to winning the Optimizer award for “Best Experimentation Practice” in 2021.

Wesley Clarkson, Director Product Management, Measurement Optimization at HBO Max explains that “we have created a highly sophisticated growth engine and engagement practice driven by embedding a test and learn culture from the start.  Our product managers and marketers are using experimentation to make data-driven decisions to create differentiated customer experiences.”

According to Matt Sussman of Chartis, “This award from Optimizely is a credit to the HBO Max team.  Their entire organization has embraced the importance of experimentation and made the commitments necessary to drive growth.”

The experimentation practice at Chartis helps clients move beyond conversion rate optimization (CRO).  “Experimentation is more broad than conversion rate and embraces broader business objectives,” notes  Dan Berg at Chartis. “Building a great experimentation practice takes patience, persistence  and process.  And the best part is that the results are always measurable.”