We establish and execute optimization programs, across all channels and digital experiences, which are focused on testing and learning from results to iteratively improve digital performance across the funnel.
  • Optimization Programs
  • Journey & Flow Orchestration
  • 'Media Plus' Mix Modeling
  • Activation of Data Pilots (Data2Delta)
  • Organic & Paid Campaign Orchestration

Focus Area

Optimization Programs

Design & execution of A/B and Multivariate testing across core experience touchpoints to improve platform and marketing efficiency.

Journey & Flow Orchestration

Ongoing execution and optimization of customer engagement flows and data to improve the performance of key funnels.

'Media Plus' Mix Modeling

Modeling that includes owned platform variables in addition to media performance to outline true impact that can be driven on the ROAS.

Activation of Data Pilots (Data2Delta)

Launch, tracking and scaling of DATA2DELTA pilots identified during the program strategy, ongoing use case development and value creation planning (VCP) development in collaboration with media stakeholders.

Organic & Paid Campaign Orchestration

Ongoing content, technology and ecosystem enhancements to drive higher SEO visibility and proactive management to improve digital Paid campaign performance.

Optimization Case Study

Paid Marketing Optimization
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Crane is a historic brand, dating back to 1801, and is synonymous with creating exquisite personalized and hand-crafted stationery.
The Challenge

The Crane brand has a niche target audience for high-end stationary and cards. The share of new customers had declined due to over-reliance on “demand capture” channels (email, brand search etc.). New-to-Brand (NTB) was a critical focus area of the new marketing strategy. We developed and executed a new acquisition strategy focused on existing customer data to develop personas and look-alike audiences helping to inform targeting, messaging and campaign flighting.

The Solution

Our solution focused on 3 key areas: (1) Channel-mix (expansion of mix to broaden the customer base while maintaining ROAS), (2) Program orchestration and optimization (defined the detailed revenue plan and identified triggers & responses throughout the year) and an (3) Insights & Advisory team com's (advising the CEO and Head of Marketing on a monthly-bases with tactical adjustment to achieve revenue plans). 

The work has delivered oversized returns for Crane. The media plan and channel-mix implementation resulted in improved media efficiency, channel diversification and better visibility into the performance of the Crane leadership team.

The Result: 28% increase in paid media ROAS and 5.3x increase in paid social revenue with the same spend.